VersaUV LEF-20

VersaUV® LEF-20 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

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Some call it magic. We call it superior UV technology. With the all new LEF-20, you can print finely detailed CMYK and White ink, plus Clear ink effects directly on virtually any substrate or dimensional object up to 100mm thick. Print a single item or a short production run without costly and time-consuming setup. A host of advancements include a 508mm x 330mm print area for larger objects and greater productivity. Dramatically faster printing of clear ink effects. CMYK plus choice of white and clear or double white ink configuration. Magnetic media compatibility. All of which give you more ways to make astounding profits.

VersaUV LEF printers print directly on a vast array of substrates as well as three-dimensional objects up to 100mm thick ranging from pens and smart phone covers to signs, personalised awards, giftware, promotional items, laptop covers and even guitar bodies. The LEF-20 comes with advanced ECO-UV® inks in CMYK, white and clear formulations. Designed for flexibility, ECO-UV inks image beautifully and conform around the most complex corners and curves. Clear ink can be layered into gloss or matte finishes for unique embossing and varnishing effects. White ink can be printed as a spot colour or as a flood behind CMYK to make colours pop on dark backgrounds or clear materials such as acrylic.