Doming Resin System

Turn flat, boring labels/decals into
3D pieces of art

Perfect for
• Manufacturers Badges
• Dog Tags
• Jewelry
• Key Chains
• Name Tags
• Magnetic Decals
• Car badges
• House Numbers & Much More


Name tags






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Doming Starter Kit

Special Introductory Pricing - $78 (ex GST)

What you receive:
- Dispensing Gun
- Box Resin Cartridges (4 x 50ml individually sealed packages)
- 5 static mixers
Sold separately for $90.50. Available in Starter Kit at $78.

Prices and Part Numbers

Doming Starter Kit: R-starter Kit: $78+GST
Dispensing Gun: T-DG: $45+GST
Box Doming Resin (4 x 50ml cartridges): T-DR: $40+GST
($36+GST when bought in quantities of 3 or more)
Static Mixers: T-SM: $1.10+GST/each
(maximum of 5 static mixers per Doming Resin box)

Why is ULTRADome a Superior product?

- Can be used indoor or outdoors
- UV resistant
- Will not yellow with age
- Crystal Clear finish
- Product Performance Guaranteed
- No mess - no cleaning up - no mixing
- Dome 1mm to 5mm high - fast drying chemical, scratch & dent resistant
- Ideal for small batch runs - 50ml individually packed cartridges
- Package shelf life unopened is 3 years